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Friends, Neighbors, and Supporters,

My first year in office is now complete, and I am excited to have had a great year. It had successes and frustrations, but I worked hard to do all I could for my constituents in Lansing and Lansing Township and for the rest of Michigan’s citizens.

My office has had a great constituent service operation. We have assisted many residents (responding to more than 1900 emails) with government-related issues, responded to a number of phone calls and letters, mailed out two newsletters, and sent out regular e-mail updates to subscribers.  I held six ‘Coffee and Tea with Andy’ gatherings, organized a budget town hall, hosted a House Democratic Education Task Force meeting, and had many meetings with constituents and groups in our district.


Since January I have passed two bills (which is good for a freshman in the minority party). I was also the lead for the House Democrats on providing healthcare for 400,000 Michigan residents (through the expansion of Medicaid); lead on opposing the Republican-passed campaign spending increases; lead on fighting the Republican-passed prevention of disclosure for election-time issue ads; and served on the bi-partisan committee that ensured there was funding for the Common Core State Education Standards. Additionally, I served on the House Democratic Education Task Force. I also spoke up on the House floor on many issues, including against privatizing our schools through the so-called Education Achievement Authority; removing the Ingham Court as the court where citizens file lawsuits against the state; and many other issues. These speeches can be viewed on my webpage. I had several important amendments passed on legislation (both in committee and on the House floor), and also passed several important House Resolutions.

032113_451As always, if you need to reach me about legislative issues or concerns with government agencies, you can get me at or at (517) 373-0826. You can view my official House webpage at If you need to reach me about campaign-related matters, or want to contribute to my campaign, you can contact me at (517) 618-1666 or email me at or go to

Thanks again for everything. It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Lansing and Lansing Township in the Michigan House of Representatives.


Andy Schor
State Representative
68th District (D-Lansing, Lansing Twp)

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