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Friends, Neighbors, and Supporters,

It has been a great honor to serve Lansing and Lansing Township in the Michigan House of Representatives this term.  During my initial run I promised to use my experience to hit the ground running when I came to the Capitol, which I’m proud to say I’ve been able to do. I’ve accomplished much since taking office: I served as the Democratic lead on Healthy Michigan/Medicaid Expansion efforts, creating health care for 400,000 of Michigan’s working residents; saved the City of Lansing $800,000; pushed for notification on campaign attack ads; and created educational opportunities such as year-round school with a balanced calendar, among other things. I ran on a platform of creating more educational opportunities for our children, attracting and retaining talent, and creating great places for people to live (like Lansing), and I’ve sponsored legislation on all of those priorities, which I’ll continue to tackle should my constituents send me back the House.


There’s still more work to do, though.  On top of growing our state’s support for education and continuing to support creative measures meant to attract and retain talent, I want to play a role in rehabilitating and revitalizing Michigan’s economy.  I hope to earn another two years from my constituents to continue tackling these and so many other issues important to our state.


032113_451As always, if you need to reach me about legislative issues or concerns with government agencies, you can get me at or at (517) 373-0826. You can view my official House webpage at If you need to reach me about campaign-related matters, or want to contribute to my campaign, you can contact me at (517) 618-1666 or email me at or go to

Thanks again for everything. It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Lansing and Lansing Township in the Michigan House of Representatives.


Andy Schor
State Representative
68th District (D-Lansing, Lansing Twp)

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